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Transporting a motorcycle can be quite a challenge. If you are planning on transporting your motorcycle, the best thing to do is get informed on some of the most common methods for transporting a motorcycle. Learn more by reading this article by Synthetics Northwest in Salem, OR.

If you own a motorcycle, you probably know that having to transport it from one place to another without riding it can be a challenge. Even though motorcycles are machines that are fairly small compared to other motor vehicles, transporting them can be complicated, especially if you don’t know what your options are. If you are interested in learning about some of the best methods to transport your motorcycle, read this article by Synthetics Northwest.

Tow Dolly

If you aren’t familiar with a tow dolly, a tow dolly is a strong piece of metal that you can attach to your car. It is an affordable way to tow different types of vehicles and can be used to transport a motorcycle. A tow dolly elevates the from wheels of a vehicle, or in this case, the front wheel of your motorcycle and secures it to the back of your car so you can safely tow your motorcycle to wherever you need to go.


Using a van as a transportation method for your motorcycle can be a great idea. This method has been used by many and can be successful when ensuring to have all the tools and equipment necessary. If you don’t own a van, there are vans you can rent out in order to get the job done. Make sure you pay attention to the size of the van to ensure your motorcycle fits properly. Also, make sure to have equipment including a motorcycle ramp, some tow straps as well as something to keep your bike sake like some blankets or cardboard.

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Motorcycle Carrier

Motorcycle carriers are one of the most used methods for transporting motorcycles. A motorcycle carrier is a device that attaches to the back of your vehicle and allows you to place the motorcycle sideways on the back of your car. Your motorcycle will be completely lifted off the ground and safe until you reach your destination. If you choose this method you will only need to make sure to safely secure your motorcycle and be mindful while you drive.

Moving Truck

A great way of transporting a motorcycle, and also one of the safest ways, is to hire a moving truck. A moving truck will give you the security that your motorcycle is enclosed and guarded from any outside danger. Also, if you are short of time, renting a moving truck can safe the day and help you get the job done. If your moving truck issn’t equipped with a ramp, you can easily fixed this by using a wooden plank and safely loading your motorcycle.

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Shipping a Motorcycle

If you are planning on shipping your motorcycle overseas, the first thing you need to ensure you do is properly investigate different companies until you find a good and reputable one that can ensure you your motorcycle will arrive safe and sound to its destination. Shipping a motorcycle overseas can be expensive but you must ensure to stay away from cheap companies or deals as these are only a recipe for disaster. Always ask for more than one estimate and make sure you get all the necessary paperwork before sending your motorcycle off.

Aspects to Consider before Transporting Your Motorcycle

Make sure you secure all loose parts before transporting your motorcycle. If you have a motorcycle tank bag or saddlebags, remove them if you can and if not, make sure they are properly secured to prevent any mishaps. Give your motorcycle a quick inspection before loading it onto the truck to ensure there aren't any fluid leaks or any other issue that could potentially put your motorcycle at risk or cause you unnecesary problems in the future.

Ensure your motorcycle is in top condition by giving your engine products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil that provides maximum protection. Learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Salem, OR, by speaking with a professional at Synthetics Northwest or by visiting the online store. For more information, call (503) 371-7184.


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