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It doesn’t matter if you ride your bike every day to complete your errands or if you just ride it on weekends or as part of riding groups; the enjoyment of your adventure depends on the condition of your motorcycle. If you don’t pay it the love and attention it needs, it isn’t going to give you the performance you expect.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Motorcycle in Good Condition

While you can take it to the mechanic each time that it needs a tune-up, below are some easy to follow motorcycle maintenance tips to follow before your next ride.


If your bike is new, or just new to you, make a cup of coffee and sit down to read the owner’s manual. Usually instantly discarded, the owner’s manual is where you will find out everything about how your bike operates and any particular types of maintenance that it needs. Once you know about how your bike works you can better take care of it.

Take a Look

Before you head out, take a walk around your bike and pay attention to any water, oil, or other fluid leaks you may see. If you can see any hoses or fluid connection points, pay attention to these as even the smaller cracks can lead to trouble on your ride.

Tighten It Up

As your ride, the vibrations that occur through your bike can lead to screws and bolts becoming loose. To start, give individual parts of your bike a shake to check for sounds that indicate something is loose. After this, run your fingers over any screws and bolts that you can see to make sure they’re as tight as they should be.


Your throttle, brake lever, and clutch pedal can all be adjusted. Make sure the engage points match your riding style and that the tension isn’t so tight that it interferes with your riding. The perfect example is a throttle cable that is too tight which will cause your RPM to increase as you turn the handlebars. For high-quality fluids and motor oil suited to your bike, speak with Synthetics Northwest at (888) 283-3580 (Toll Free) about the range of AMSOIL motorcycle fluids available. If you have any idea what you need but are looking for more information, the online store can help you out.

Tire Condition

There are two very important parts of a motorcycle which keep you going - the tires. And while they look maintenance free, they need a bit of attention too. Start by giving them a thorough inspection before each ride to check for any damage to the tire walls and to look for any tread wear. If you can see your tread has worn too low, change them before your ride.

Tire Pressure

Once you know the tires are in good shape, check the tire pressure. Not only should both tires be at the same pressure level, but also the correct level for your riding. If the pressure is too low then it can increase the friction between your tires and the road. This can cause a reduction in handling and an increase in fuel usage.


As you start your bike, make sure that your headlamp is working and is bright enough to keep you safe while riding at night. Next up, use all of your levers to check that each indicator light (and your horn) is working correctly. If your bike struggled to start, it’s worth checking the condition of your battery. If you notice that it has seen better days, replace it.


Just like any engine, your bike relies on high-quality fluids to keep you moving. After your bike has warmed up for a minute, stand it straight up and check the level of your oil and any other fluids your bike uses. If it’s low, top it up. If the oil inside looks like it isn’t going to be much help to your engine, give your bike a synthetic oil change to freshen it up.

Keep Your Bike on the Road With a Synthetic Oil Change

A synthetic oil change for your motorcycle can give you increased engine performance and a reduction in engine wear and maintenance costs. This is made possible by the high quality nature of synthetic oil and its included additives. If you are unsure which product is right for your bike, don’t take a guess. Speak with Synthetics Northwest at (888) 283-3580 (Toll Free) and ask about the model of your bike and which fluids are best suited to it. If you already know which product you might need but want to read some more information, the online store has more information for you.

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