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Stay Safe While out on Your Boat

The summer provides the perfect weather to take your boat out on the water. No matter your level of experience, taking safety precautions is always of great importance. Before you head out on your boat this summer, Synthetics Northwest in Salem has some important safety tips for you to review.

Be Aware of the Weather

Make sure to check the weather before heading out on your boat. It is important that you know what the weather will be like in order to avoid dangerous conditions out on the water. Try to avoid rough conditions and head back to shore if you notice dark clouds approaching and sudden rough winds.

Make Smart Choices

Play it safe while out on your boat by using your common sense. Avoid moving at dangerously high speeds, especially if there are other boats in the area. Be aware of other nearby watercraft and make sure you maneuver around them carefully. Avoid going into prohibited areas and follow safety rules. Never drink while on your boat. You can greatly increase your chances of being involved in an accident if you have been drinking.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Before heading out into the open water, make sure you know how to swim. Even if you know how to swim, having proper emergency equipment in you boat is still a necessity. Make sure you have life jackets on board for you and your passengers. Your boat should have a functioning fire extinguisher and emergency lights in case of an accident.

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