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How to choose and buy the best synthetic grease for your engine and vehicle. Don't ruin your mechanics with the wrong grease; know which is best suited to your needs and buy the best.

Learn About the Different Types and Uses for Grease

There is no denying that most greases look identical. But just because they look similar doesn't mean that they can be used on any and all engine types and parts you have in your garage. In fact, it's the opposite that is true. Synthetics Northwest has some information below to share on three of the most common types of grease uses, the best products for the job, and where you can get your hands on the products.

Racing Grease

Amongst many things, the primary decider when it comes to winning a race is speed. Accessible speed when the driver needs it. And the one aspect which determines how fast a vehicle can go is how fast each part can operate and interact, whether it be by itself or with other parts. One of the main points which determine the speed at which a racing car can travel is the bearings. If too much friction builds up, the bearings can't do their job, and interactions which need to be smooth are slowed down. This will eventually lead to damage. Very expensive damage. Racing grease includes synthetic additives which work to decrease friction under instances of high-speed. Simply put, it allows racing cars to go faster without causing damage. Along with this benefit, these greases can also protect against component surface damage, along with general wear-protection to keep parts working their best for longer. For a racing team, especially the manager, this results in reduced maintenance costs. When it comes to funding and managing a racing team, the less money you can spend on maintenance, the better.

Fleet Vehicles and Trucks

If you operate a fleet or run your own business and utilize a truck during the day, then you know that vehicle downtime means work and money lost. For this reason, it's important to use a grease which is fit for the purpose. Truck and Equipment focused greases offer extended wear protection and maximum longevity. These greases can provide such benefits due to the inclusion of select base oils and synthetic additives. By design, these greases provide superior wear protection while offering unrivaled use life, extending the downtime intervals required for maintenance and grease replacement. You can buy products like AMSOIL's Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, NLGI #1 by clicking here to visit the Synthetics Northwest online store, where you can find further information about each product along with the benefits it provides. If you would prefer to speak with an expert, give Synthetics Northwest a call at (888) 283-3580 (Toll-Free) to learn more about the benefits of using the right grease in your vehicle, or to help you find the best grease for the job.

Boat Trailers and Off-Road Vehicles

If you're lucky enough to have a boat, then you have a trailer to take it to and from the water. While the idea behind the trailer is simple, it still needs a bit of maintenance; and with the right products. Boat trailers are at risk of corrosion from small instances of water contact. The contact isn't big, but as trailers are often forgotten about, it can quickly cause problems which you don't find out about until you are trying to load your boat. This is where a water-resistant grease comes in. On top of this use, when it comes to off-road and recreational vehicles such as your ATV, the same water-resistant grease is the best way to keep joints and bearings lubricated and operating at their peak while the rider safely splashes around swamps, rivers, and anywhere else they find adventure. Along with resisting wash out, marine focused greases such as these also protect against corrosion by sealing metal and actively working against corrosion at a chemical level. While it can seem minimal, the last thing that you want is for your trailer to break and cause damage to your boat because of a small and avoidable problem.

Grease and a Synthetic Oil Change in Salem, or Go Hand in Hand

You can buy AMSOIL's Synthetic Water Resistant Grease by clicking here to visit Synthetics Northwest's online store. If you prefer, speak with an expert at Synthetics Northwest by calling (503) 371-7184 to find out which product is best suited to your needs. Along with a range of greases, Synthetics Northwest also stock the entire range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants and synthetic oils.

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