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Have you ever wondered whether or not a car could really launch from a trailer truck? How about whether or not you could pull off any of the car chases in Mission Impossible? While very good questions, they're probably best left for television scientists who have the required safety gear and, of course, money to spend wrecking cars.

Do You Really Need to Do That?

For this post, Synthetics Northwest has some information which aims to be a little more...useful, with information on some of the most common car and engine myths.

Lower Your Tire Pressure

Starting with potentially the strangest on the list is the myth that decreasing the pressure in your tires to bring your car closer to the road will make it not only more aerodynamic but more fuel efficient. In this instance, the opposite is true. Lower than optimal tire pressure can increase the friction between the road and your tires. This friction makes it harder for your car to move forward, forcing the engine to work harder as you press on the gas. In turn, this contributes to a decrease in fuel efficiency. Not to mention that it doesn't make your car go faster at all.

Auto Transmission Means Less Gas Usage

On the subject of fuel efficiency, let's talk about transmission type. On the surface, this one makes a bit of sense. With limited gears to choose from and the inability for the driver to easily shift through them, it sounds right that a car with an automatic transmission would use more gas. The truth is that automatic transmissions have come a long way since the last time you likely took a good look at them. Car manufacturers not only offer automatic transmissions with a broader range of gears but also with technology to maximize gear usage and fuel efficiency. On top of this, a lot of how fuel efficient a car will be depends on how it is driven and the condition that it is kept in. Whether it's a manual or automatic transmission, if the driver thrashes it all day, ever day and never takes it in for a service, it is never going to get good fuel economy. On top of watching your driving style, a synthetic oil change in Salem can work to keep your engine in good shape and performing at its best, including its fuel efficiency. Speak with Synthetics Northwest at (888) 283-3580 (Toll-Free) to learn more about the benefits of switching your car or truck to synthetic oil.

Let Your Car Warm Up

It's something that our parents told us, their parents told them, and their parents before them, and so on. While, technically, this used to be a truth, with the advancements in automotive technology, modern engines are ready to go almost as soon as the key is turned. In addition to this, advances in engine oil technology have also produced high-quality products which can maintain their protection during the time when your car is switched off. This means that your engine is protected as soon as you start it.

Premium Fuels

While it can seem obvious that this is a myth, strong marketing campaigns have many people believing that switching to a more expensive premium fuel will breathe new life into their vehicle. While it is true that these fuels can increase performance in modern vehicles or those where the owner's manual recommends its use, this does not include a 25 year old family sedan which has almost seen the end of its lifespan.

Speaking of Fuel

Have you ever heard somebody telling you that you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your gas bill by filling up early in the morning when it's cold? The argument is relatively solid in this case, in that fuel will weigh less when it is colder. Things start to fall over when you understand that in order to see any type of impact on you filling up your gas tank each morning, the change in temperature would need to be at least 15 degrees, and even then the shift would only translate to around a penny or two.

The Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Salem Are No Myth

How well a car performs depends on the type of products you use to maintain it. To get the best performance out of your vehicle and increase its life span, speak with Synthetics Northwest at (888) 283-3580 (Toll-Free) and ask about which AMSOIL synthetic engine oil is right for you. If you prefer, the online store has further information about all of the products available for your car, truck, boat, and even lawn equipment.

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