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There are many myths out there that talk about synthetic oil with false information. At Synthetics Northwest in Hayesville, OR we want to make sure you get the right information and make informed decisions based on reliable knowledge. In a previous post we mentioned some information about protecting your engine from ethanol damage. Today we want to protect you from the false beliefs that can prevent you from making the right choices and protecting your engine. So without further adieu, we are going to tackle two of these common myths.

Myth #1 Synthetic Oil Is Very Expensive

This is one of the most common myths out there, and it is completely untrue. Synthetic oil is much more accessible now than it was years ago. Not only that but it is also has an overall monetary rendition that other motor oils can´t provide. The coverage and protection it provides for your engine is well worth the price because it is an investment that can actually save you much more money than its initial cost. It may be true that the initial cost is a bit higher than other motor oils but the benefits and overall rendition is well worth the investment.

Myth #2 Synthetic Oil Is Not That Attainable

This is a complete myth. It may have been true a while ago maybe about 50 years ago when the first and only synthetic oil was AMSOIL and they had not yet reached all areas to distribute to. However, today you can find other types of synthetic oil almost anywhere, but AMSOIL remains the best and most high quality oil, and is now distributed in many places all over the country at an accessible price.

Facts About Synthetic Oil in Hayesville, OR

Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer

Synthetic oil is built tougher, so it continues lubricating your engine for as long as 25,000 miles. It is also more resistant to extreme heat and cold, so it works under very harsh conditions that would cause conventional oil to break down.

Synthetic Oil Lubricates More Efficiently

Synthetic molecules are more uniform, smaller, and lighter than natural oil molecules. These properties require less energy to lubricate your engine, so you can be sure that your synthetic oil is working as best as possible.

Synthetic Oil Protects More Effectively

With molecules that are free of crude, synthetic oil contains less contaminants that occur in oil pulled from the ground, even after refining. These impurities cause engine corrosion and wear. Because synthetic oils do not introduce these contaminants into your engine, it protects better.

Synthetic Oil is a Greener Product

Synthetic oil is cleaner for the environment in many ways. First, it avoids all the hazards of oil drilling, refining, and transporting because it can be made in a laboratory. Second, less dirty oil is deposited into the environment since you do not need to replace it as often. And finally, it burns more efficiently, reducing emissions.

Synthetic Oil in Hayesville, OR

If you live in Hayesville, Oregon then you definitely know there is no excuse to not find AMSOIL synthetic oil in Hayesville, OR. At Synthetics Northwest we have  all the AMSOIL products your vehicle may need. Buy the best synthetic oil in Salem for your car, today. Call (503) 371-7184 now.

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