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There aren’t many people who enjoy getting out of bed in the morning ready to go, especially when it’s cold. Despite this, we expect this from our vehicles each morning. During a cold morning, it’s the thought of a nice hot shower and a couple of cups of coffee which gets the majority of people out of bed. However, neither a shower or coffee is going to do your car any good.

Help Your Car Get a Good Start on Cold Mornings

If your car struggles in the morning or you are somebody who warms up your car before you drive, below is a great article from Synthetics Northwest with information which can help.

What’s Happening Inside Your Engine?

The best and the first place to start is with a general understanding of what happens inside your engine to keep your vehicle moving. To get you from A to B, a wide range of metal parts, all varying in different sizes and shapes, inside your engine, work alongside each other. This could mean one part sliding against another while another part bumps up against a different part. Whether it’s a slide, grind, or bump, if your engine is running, these parts are interacting. Now, if you can remember back to your science classes from high-school then you will know that metal sliding and grinding against metal creates a lot of friction. Over time, friction can start to damage each metal object. Your engine parts are no exception. Your engine’s best defense against damage caused by friction is the engine oil you or your mechanic pour into it. Engine oil travels through your engine and in and around each of your engine parts, making its way to even the smallest spaces. Once in place, it coats each of your engine parts with a thin, yet protective, barrier of protection. It is this barrier which prevents friction by facilitating smooth interactions between each part. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your engine running smooth and with reduced friction damage. To find out more, check out the online store or speak with an expert at Synthetics Northwest by calling (503) 371-7184 to find out how products like this and a quick synthetic oil change can reduce engine damage and improve your vehicle’s performance.

Do You Warm up Your Car in the Morning?

Now onto warming up your engine. On the surface, it makes sense. After all, you feel like you are better equipped to handle the day after a hot shower or a hot cup of coffee, so why wouldn’t your engine benefit from a quick warm up? In reality, warming up your car isn’t what you think it is. If you are using conventional oil or your current oil has come to the end of its lifespan then, as the weather gets cold overnight, your oil will begin to retract from the small places it once provided protection to and move away from your engine parts. When this happens, your oil starts to clump up in large areas around your engine, leaving your engine parts unprotected and susceptible to damage. In order to begin protecting your parts once more, your oil needs to heat up so that it can return to a thin consistency and start doing its job. So in reality, the act of warming up your engine is really just warming up your oil. This act comes with two main problems.
  1. Until your engine oil has become thin enough to spread out and protect your engine parts, your engine is effectively running without its protection. This means that the metal parts mentioned above are no longer smoothly sliding against each other, but are likely to be instead grinding. When this happens, small shards and chips are taken away. Over time, this leads to a reduction in the lifespan of each part with the result being your mechanic mentioning the words all vehicle owners know all-too-well, “engine wear”.
  2. The second problem comes in the form of performance reduction. If you think about the small shards and chips mentioned in point 1, then think about where they go. They don’t magically dissolve. Instead, they travel through your engine where they can scrape against other engine parts, causing them damage, or, and even worse, get stuck in between a range of parts. When this occurs, these engine parts are unable to complete their movement correctly, resulting in a reduction in engine performance.

Reduce Friction Damage and Improve the Performance of Your Vehicle with a Synthetic Oil Change in Salem, OR

The easiest way to stop this damage from occurring is by giving your engine a synthetic oil change. By design, synthetic oil isn’t affected by low temperatures, which means that it continues to protect your engine no matter the temperature. The result for your engine is, as soon as you turn the ignition and start your car, your engine parts are immediately protected. To find out more about the benefits of giving your vehicle a synthetic oil change, speak with a friendly expert on the subject. Call Synthetics Northwest at (503) 371-7184 and have a chat about your vehicle and the types of AMSOIL products which can help reduce damage and improve performance.

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