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Motorcycle group rides are an experience every rider should get to live at least once in their life. Make sure you have a safe and successful group ride by following these tips that Synthetics Northwest has for you.

Are you thinking about organizing a motorcycle group ride? Group rides are not only an amazing experience, but they also allow you to share your passion with others. Group rides can be freeing, and one of the most exciting things you might experience, so making sure you and your group are safe is essential. Learn about aspects you should pay special attention to if you are planning a group ride in this article by Synthetics Northwest.

Communication is Key

Provide all the necessary information for every member of the group. Share all the trip’s information, including directions for the route, maps, planned gas stops, and schedules. Make documents and share them with the group; this way, you ensure everybody has the same information and has easy access to it. Having group meetings is also essential to make sure everybody is well informed and that any question or worry about the group ride is resolved.

Designate a Leader

The leader should be someone trustworthy and with a bast knowledge around group riding procedures. They should be someone with a lot of experience, as the leader is the one who sets the pace for the entire group. This role is essential, as they need to be able to make quick decisions along the way to ensure the safety of the whole group.

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Have in Mind Everybody’s Skill Level

Depending on the route, the difficulty level and skills required to ride it safely may differ. When determining the route, think about sharp curves and turns as well as other aspects that may pose a danger to your riders. Everybody has their own skill level and experience, so make sure you choose a route where everybody can ride without being vulnerable to be in a dangerous situation. Choose a route where everybody feels safe and confident and can enjoy the ride!

Help the New Riders

If there are any new riders in your group, help them feel comfortable! Share all your tips with them and answer any questions they might have about the ride. It may also be their first motorcycle group ride, so be patient. Help them feel comfortable and confident with their riding skills and develop a strategy to ensure they have a safe and positive experience. Help your new riders feel comfortable by teaching them about the best products for their motorcycles. AMSOIL’s motorcycle oils will ensure your engine works at their full capacity. Speak with an expert at Synthetics Northwest in Salem and learn about synthetic oil change and about all the amazing products they offer to ensure success in your group ride. Call (503) 371-7184 today!

Following Distance

Make it a point within your group to ensure you keep enough following distance between each other. Keeping the right following distance allows you to have enough time to react to any sudden change or obstacle you may face on the road. It will also prevent you from causing an accident by getting to close to one of your fellow riders. Make sure not to let too much following distance, as another vehicle may try to enter. The recommended following distance is two seconds from the rider in front of you.

Don’t Run Out of Reserves

Make sure to plan for stops to account for gas. There are some routes where the span of time and the distance between gas stations is longer, so make sure to take special notice of this detail. Ensure you and your group have enough reserves along the way; this way you can enjoy the ride and the scenery without a worry!

Ensure Your Engines Are in the Best Condition Before Starting Your Journey

Giving your motorcycles the correct maintenances is essential before starting any group rides. Learn about the amazing products AMSOIL offers for your motorcycle. From motorcycle oil to transmission fluid, Synthetics Northwest in Salem, OR, has just what your engine needs to have excellent performance. Place your order today and learn about synthetic oil change by calling (503) 371-7184.

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