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Whether your lawn tractor is used solely for your lawn and sees only seasonal usage or you're a professional landscaper who uses their lawn tractor every day, if you're an owner then it's likely that extending the lifespan of your lawn tractor and getting the best return on your investment is on your mind.

How to Maintain Your Lawn Tractor and Improve Its Performance With the Best Synthetic Oil Change Near Keizer

If getting the best performance out of your lawn tractor and ensuring its engine is well taken care of to extend its lifespan is important to you, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest has put together a basic maintenance checklist to accompany some expanded information surrounding some of the challenges of operating a lawn tractor.

Keep Blades Clean and Sharp

While it can seem like an obvious piece of advice to give somebody who owns the level of landscaping equipment such as a lawn tractor, many owners believe the disposal systems that operate in their undercarriage take care of their blade cleaning needs. While this is true to a degree, whereas a large portion of mulch is recirculated and removed, sizeable amounts of debris remain stuck to the blades which are required to be cleaned thoroughly after each use to prevent blade wear down and rust.

Check Your Levels and Filters

Small engine machines such as your lawn tractor can have more in common mechanically than you may think. If your lawn tractor contains oil and air filters, be sure to check and, if required, clear or replace them every six months. When it comes to your oil levels, if you are using an older conventional oil then it's likely your oil is breaking down due to the extreme temperatures your engine operates under, causing internal damage as sludge begins to build up between crucial component interaction points. If your oil levels are low however you don't feel you have used your engine anywhere near enough for them to be sitting at their current levels, it's likely the inferior nature of your conventional oil has caused it to suffer from oxidation, causing valuable protection to be lost. For serious lawn tractor owners looking to maintain their oil levels for longer, a full synthetic oil change near Keizer is recommended. Speak with AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest at (888) 283-3580 (toll-free) and learn more about how the best synthetic oil change near Keizer can keep an adequate level of high-quality protective oil running through the engine of your lawn tractor for longer.

Do You Get a Spark?

The very thing that helps to give your tractor a start and keep it going can often be one of the most forgotten components when it comes to lawn tractor maintenance. Along with checking the condition of your spark plug, it's always a good idea to keep a few spares on hand in your garage ready for when you need them.

Give Your Tractor a Tuneup

Just like you would to your car, your lawn tractor needs its own level of professional servicing. Each year before you prepare to store your lawn tractor away for your off-season, book it into your local lawn tractor mechanic for a full service. If you plan to store your tractor for an extended period, be sure to have them either empty your gas tank or add an equalizer to prevent corrosion.

Store It Well

With your lawn tractor fully serviced and prepared for storage, the best place you can keep it is somewhere elevated, dry and with a good amount of airflow. The purpose of keeping your tractor dry and in a space with air flow is to prevent corrosion and rust build up on its exterior, especially your blades.

How to Get the Most Benefits From a Synthetic Oil Change Near Keizer

Speak with AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest at (888) 283-3580 (toll free) and speak about the model of your lawn tractor. Providing high quality products to landscapers and garden enthusiasts every day, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest are the go-to people for the right products to keep your lawn tractor in good shape. Along with helping your lawn tractor, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest can also provide a range of high-quality products to help protect the engine inside the truck you use to transport your tractor. From increasing your truck's fuel economy to keeping your ongoing maintenance costs and part replacement to a minimum, a synthetic oil change near Keizer for your truck can bring with it more benefits than you may have initially thought.

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