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The idea is solid enough - you, a group of friends or your whole family get into the car, listen to some music, have some laughs, and then arrive at your destination. That would essentially be the perfect road trip. However, anybody who has ever been on a road trip knows it doesn't always go that smoothly.

Prepare Your Car and Yourself for a Smooth Roadtrip

Fortunately, Synthetics Northwest has been providing motorists just like yourself with high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants for their synthetic oil change for years. With this experience, below is a checklist to help make your next road trip a stress-free one.

Prepare Yourself and Your Passengers

  • When it comes to a long drive, it's important to swap drivers. Before you leave, make sure that everybody knows which part of the driving they will be doing in order to ensure they are ready when it's their turn.
  • Have each driver prepare a playlist in advance to make their driving portion easier and also save arguments about which music to listen to.
  • The last thing that you want to do is run out of battery power for one of your electronic devices while you're sitting in a car. Be sure to check that you have a cable for each device as you get in the car.
  • A hungry passenger is not a happy passenger. Pack a lot of food and drinks and pack a good variety. Along with the favorite soda and chips, pack some healthy foods like fresh fruit, water, and sandwiches.
  • Pack extras to make the trip more comfortable. Blankets, small fans, or even some travel games are a good place to start.
With these suggestions, you and your passengers will be well on your way towards an enjoyable road trip. When it comes to the vehicle itself, speak with Synthetics Northwest at (888) 283-3580 (toll-free) and ask about the benefits of a synthetic oil change. With expert knowledge and a full range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants, rest assured you will get the right advice and the right product.

Prepare Your Vehicle

The best place to start with your vehicle are the fluids. Each vehicle is different, however, the primary fluid levels to check on are:
  • Engine Oil
  • Coolant
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Windshield Washer
If you can see that any of these levels is below where it should be, either advised by a marking on the container or in your owner's manual, don't wait to top it up. In the case of your engine oil, if you haven't performed a synthetic oil change recently, now would be a good time. Once you have finished tending to your fluid levels, keep the bottles in a small box in the trunk of your car. With your fluids taken care of, move onto and start with checking the following:
  • Check that your tires are in good condition and that there is sufficient tread. It only takes a minute to check each tire and can prevent you from a blow-out along the way.
  • Double check that each seatbelt is in full working order and there are no frayed seams.
  • Test your battery to make sure you aren't going to get stuck. A simple check at your local mechanic can tell you the condition of your battery. If it's close to the end of its working life, it would be better to replace it before a long journey, given that you will be charging multiple electrical devices.
  • Clean your headlamp covers and, if necessary, replace any dimming bulbs. Even if your headlamps are okay, if you are going to be driving through the night then visibility is crucial. Replace them both before you leave and store the older ones in the trunk in case they are needed along the way.
  • Check your wiper blades. If left unused, your wiper blades can crack and lose their ability to function. Of course, you only realize this once the rain has started and they aren't moving any water. Check yours before you leave and replace them if necessary. If you are driving through rain, you need to ensure your wipers can clear your vision.

Give Your Engine What It Needs With a Synthetic Oil Change in Hayesville

Before heading out on a long drive, speak with Synthetics Northwest about how your vehicle can benefit from a synthetic oil change. Not only can a synthetic oil change increase your engine performance, it can also work to reduce your gas usage. Speak with a synthetic oil change expert at Synthetics Northwest by calling (888) 283-3580 (toll-free) or check out the online store for more information.

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