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How Synthetic Oil Can Benefit and Protect Your Engine

If you have noticed a dip in engine performance or an increase in fuel consumption and you are still using a conventional oil, now might be the time to switch. If you're unfamiliar with synthetic oil, Synthetics Northwest has put together a list of some of the many benefits Synthetic Oil in Salem can bring to your engine.

Let's Start at the Start. A Cold Start.

As your car rests overnight, the conventional oil that was providing protection through your engine can begin to retract away from harder to reach areas. As your car starts, it is forced to operate without sufficient lubrication, leading to preventable engine wear and unnecessary damage.

But What About the Heat?

During extreme heats, conventional oils can tend to break down, leading them to lose their fluidity and fail to provide thorough engine lubrication. When choosing a motor oil, look for one that is designed to operate under both cold and extreme heat conditions. Amsoil Oil in Salem is designed to hold its consistency as well as continue to provide engine protection during all seasonal conditions.

Can My Oil Impact My Fuel Economy?

The amount of fuel required depends on the level of ease your engine is able to operate. While conventional oils can break down and lose their benefits, synthetic oil provides your engine with a thorough layer of lubrication to stop metal-to-metal contact, allowing it to operate more easily. This decrease in required energy translates into less fuel needed. That's less time and money spent at the gas pump!

Synthetic Oil Change Products in Salem

These are just some of the many benefits that switching to a high quality Amsoil in Salem can provide for you and your engine. If you are interested in protecting your engine and extending its lifespan, speak with an expert at Synthetics Northwest on (888) 283-3580 and ask which synthetic oil is right for your engine. And also, as a bonus, we've added some great tips on ATV maintenance in this article. Read on!

Easy Steps to Help Keep Your ATV in Good Working Order

Keeping your ATV in good working is easier than you think - we assure you.  Take a look at this list Synthetics Northwest has put together to get you started on basic ATV maintenance.

Give It a Wash - Every Time

It doesn't matter if you 'just took it over some grass', or there is 'just a bit of dirt on the guards' - clean your ride. Keeping your ATV clean can be as easy as a quick hose and wipe down and give you the benefits of removing any debris build up that can easily cause damage to your paint or plastic work.

Generals Are a Great Next Step

Take a couple of minutes to check all the nuts and bolts are tight. While it may seem basic, if any of these come loose they can pose a very real safety issue or best case, cause damage to your ride.

Just Like a Car

Similar to your car, any filters present in your ride are going to need a quick clean and a couple of minutes of attention.  Remove any easy to see build-up or debris, but if it's looking a little worse for wear, then a change is likely in order.

Keep It Fluid

Don't let a basic thing like running out of oil stop you from enjoying your ride. Look for a Synthetic Oil Change in Salem that can not only provide better protection for your ride than conventional oil, but can keep you on the track for longer.

Buy Synthetic Oil in Salem

These are just some of the easy ways that you can keep your ATV in good working order so that it's ready to ride when you are. While you take care of the outside, speak with an expert at Synthetics Northwest on (888) 283-3580 about how Synthetic Oil in Salem can take care of your engine on the inside.

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