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Basic Steps for Dirt Bike Maintenance

Keeping your bike regularly maintained isn't a hard task and has great rewards when it comes to the performance and longevity  of your dirt bike. Synthetics Northwest in Keizer, OR has put together some basic tips to keep your dirt bike in good shape, ready for when you need it.  

Before You Ride

Taking your bike out and getting into nature is a main advantage of owning a dirt bike, but there are a few things to check before you do. Start with a basic visual check of the condition of your chain and any wires and handles. If you can see any visible wear, take it to your local bike show and have it taken care of before you ride.

Basic Engine Parts

Taking care of the basic engine parts such as your air filter is easy and effective. If your bike engine can't pull in enough air to operate efficiently you will end up with a ride that burns more fuel while delivering less performance.

Check Your Fluids

Often taken for granted, many riders assume their initial fluid top up is enough. It's not. If your fluid levels are getting low, now is the time to top them up. If you're still using a conventional oil, prior to a ride is the perfect time to make the switch to a high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil in Keizer, OR.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil Change in Keizer, OR

Burns Cleaner

Even after the refining process, conventional oils still contain contaminants that can corrode your engine and reduce performance. Because they are made in a lab, synthetic oils do not contain these impurities, lasting longer and lubricating better.

More Efficient

Man-made oil molecules are more uniform, lighter, and smaller than those found in natural petroleum. As a result, synthetic oil requires less energy to circulate, improving your engine's performance.

Built Tougher

Synthetic oil was first used exclusively for planes because it is more heat resistant. As time went on, experience showed that synthetic oil is also more resistant to the cold. Whether you are pushing your engine to the max with heavy hauls and long trips, or driving in climates of extreme heat or cold, synthetic oil will continue to protect your engine after conventional oil breaks down.

Fewer Oil Changes

Synthetic oils have built-in additives that last longer than conventional oil. When your additives run out, you need to change your oil. With conventional oil, you can go 3,000-5,000 miles before an oil change. Synthetic oil can last as long as 25,000 miles in the right conditions. Less disposed oil is better for the environment, your schedule, and your pocketbook.

Maintain Viscosity

Since synthetic oil is more resistant to heat and pressure than natural petroleum, less of it gets burned in harsh conditions. When oil burns, it escapes through your tailpipe and into the air. By maintaining its viscosity, synthetic oil reduces emissions.

Synthetic Oil in Keizer, OR

These are just some of the easy ways that you can keep your dirt bike in great running order, ready for when you need it. If you are looking to get the most out of your engine, speak with an expert at Synthetics Northwest on (888) 283-3580 (toll free) about protecting your engine and extending its life with a AMSOIL synthetic oil in Keizer, OR.

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