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It's no secret that riding your motorcycle requires special care and attention to have a smooth ride. Whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, you should follow certain rules to stay safe. For this reason at Synthetic Northwest in Salem we would like share useful tips on this topic.

Motorcycle Safety

Maintain Your Motorcycle

Making sure that your motorcycle is working perfectly is the first step towards staying safe on the road. Remember that checking your lights, chain, tires and oil and coolant levels is part of a tune-up that you should perform on a regular basis.

Wear a Helmet and Protective Gear

We can't overstate the importance of wearing a helmet and protective gear as they are the only way to stay protected from the weather and in case of an accident. Wearing goggles is also important to be able to watch the road.

Ride Smoothly

You should also obey local speed limits and ride within you abilities. Also, check your mirrors frequently to look out for any drivers and remember to drive defensively. Being a responsible driver and maintaining your motorcycle properly are crucial to stay safe while you are on the road, so be sure to follow these tips. Also, we still have a few weeks to enjoy the summer sun, however it can also damage your vehicle, so remember to read our guide to avoid sun damage on your car.

Synthetic Oil in Salem

At Synthetic Northwest we have been providing our customers with the right lubrication solution to protect their engine for over 14 years. Consider us next time you are looking for AMSOIL Oil in Salem. If you wish to learn more about our products or place an order, please call (503) 371-7184.

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