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When it comes to the performance of general engines, one of the most common problems found is general engine wear and tear caused by a lack of sufficient lubrication. The result and cause of this preventable damage is sludge buildups that have been left to accumulate throughout the engine and interfere with its regular operation.

How the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Salem Can Protect Your Engine From Sludge Buildups

What engine owners have found is that due to the nature of this build up, the symptoms don’t always show themselves until the damage has been done, and potentially isn’t able to be fixed. For this post, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest has some information to share about how sludge can accumulate inside your engine, how it can prevent your engine from operating optimally, and how you can prevent against it with a full synthetic oil change in Salem.

How Does Build up Occur?

The first thing to mention when talking about buildup that can occur through your engine is oil. And while they may come in similar looking bottles, the contents inside each engine oil are definitely not the same.

Conventional Oil

One of the original ways to provide protection for a car’s engine was with the use of a conventional oil based lubricant. However, due to the nature of these oils and lubricants, limited refinement and the even more limited inclusion of performance and protective additives left engines only partially protected for a short period of time and usually only under easy engine operation. While this was fine for basic engines created ‘in the day’, it soon became apparent that the level of protection required could not longer be gained through its use.

Increased Operating Temperatures

With the increase in technology came the increase in performance, which in turn led to an increase in general operating temperatures through your engine. With limited additives, the structure of conventional and lubricants can be easily affected, leading to their breakdown and deposits to stick to the lining of your engine and its components. Over time, these deposits begin to accumulate in certain spots, actively preventing your engines parts from working smoothly and flowing without damage. To combat this type of damage, a new type of engine oil and lubricant was created, one from a synthetic oil base. With the designed nature of this product, manufacturers were able to include purpose designed additives that work to keep the oil and its inclusions intact during these temperatures. Taking advantage of these benefits doesn’t require a visit to the mechanic, in fact it start with a simple phone call to your local Amsoil synthetic oil distributor - AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest, available at (503) 371-7184. Speak with an expert about the make and model of your engine and find the right high quality synthetic oil product to protect your engine against this level of wear and damage.

Preventing Friction

When it comes to engine wear and buildups it isn’t just the temperatures that can cause your oil to breakdown. The level of extreme pressure placed on your oil as it coats your engine’s components can take a serious toll on its structure also. When conventional oils are placed in these situations, your regular driving situations, the pressure can cause the a very similar breakdown and leave your conventional oil to break away and leave deposits or sludge through your engine to accumulate and wear it down. Knowing the level of damage that could occur, AMSOIL created its range of high quality synthetic products that resist against this very breakdown under not only regular operating pressures, but extreme operating pressures inside your engine as you drive. The purpose designed additives included in the refinement process of AMSOIL synthetic oil allows AMSOIL to provide a product that can not only stand up to the extreme pressure inside your engine, but keep your engine protected while it does it.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Salem

Providing your engine with the many benefits that a full synthetic oil change in Salem can provide doesn’t mean a trip to the mechanic - it just means a phone call to your local AMSOIL synthetic oil distributor, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest. Available at (503) 371-7184, expert advice is at hand. If you’re looking to protect the engine inside your lawn mower, jet ski and even your boat, don’t be shy on letting us know the make and model of your engines. With an extensive range of high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil products, the right product for all of your engines is at hand.

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