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When it comes to motor enthusiasts, few feelings in the world will match the one when you bring home that classic car. After what has seemed like a lifetime, all of your research and planning has finally worked out. Now that the car is in your possession, you may be wondering how best to take care of it. While it’s true that car maintenance can be general across the board, when it comes to a classic car, the requirements are a little more refined, given the era the car and its engine were designed and the conditions they were designed and built to endure. To help you on the right track with caring for your new toy, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest has put together some information on how the driving conditions today vary from those your classic car was designed for, and what you can do to not only take basic care of your classic car, but help to extend its lifespan even further.

Take Care of Your New Toy With Synthetic Oil for Your Classic Car in Yamhill County

There’s no doubt that the era that your car was designed and built in is going to play a large part in the requirements that it has to not only function adequately, but as it was built. However, while researching you are likely to find one common item between all classic cars - they weren’t designed to run in today’s conditions. Left to run without the proper protection, and you're that beautiful classic car could become stranded in your garage.

What Was Driving Like During Your Cars Era?

In order to get an understanding of what type of protection your car is likely to require, it’s best to first think about what the car was designed to do. If it truly is a classic car, it’s likely small drives were the norm, usually to the shop, with very little extended drives beyond a few small trips to the beach. In addition to this, the weather conditions were also different, meaning that your classic car’s engine likely wasn’t built to withstand today’s current climates.

Extended Drive Times.

With the keys to a beautiful new classic car in your hand, the first thing you are likely to want to do is take it for a long drive, maybe as part of a classic car convoy, or maybe just a trip with you and that special someone to admire a view along the coastline. Whatever you choose, it’s likely you’ll be driving further and for longer hours at a time then was the norm when your car was designed. If you’ve read this far and you’re starting to think that there’s no chance you’ll be able to take your new classic car out for such a drive - don’t worry, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest has you covered. Speak with us on (888) 283-3580 (toll free) and ask about our extensive range of high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil products to give your classic engine what it needs to run optimally during longer than designed for drives.

Constant Protection.

If you have ever started your car in the morning and noticed that it took a short while to get going and performing optimally, it’s likely because overnight the cold air has cause the conventional oil inside to thicken and retract from it’s previous level of coverage. When this occurs in a classic engine, the effects can be even worse, leading to extensive damage to classic and older engine parts that may not be able to be repaired or replaced. To combat this problems, AMSOIL high quality synthetic oils are designed to not only withstand overnight cold temperatures, but maintain its fluidity. The direct impact of this on your classic car is that whilst it sits overnight, the comprehensive layer of protection that synthetic oil provides remains in place, ready for when you turn the key. The layer of protection is vital to minimizing damage to your engine as any lack of coverage means that older engine components are forced to collide and interact without adequate, and often times any, level of lubrication.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Yamhill County.

Keeping your classic car not only up and running, but performing how it was designed is as easy as choosing the right maintenance products. Speak with AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest on (888) 283-3580 (Toll Free) and tell us the make and model of your new classic car. With expert knowledge, AMSOIL Direct Jobber - Synthetics Northwest can help you take advantage of these and many other benefits of a full synthetic oil change in Yamhill County.

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