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At Synthetics Northwest in Yamhill County, OR we are always concerned about your safety and want to constantly provide you with information to help you avoid problems while driving. In a previous post we talked about some Road Safety Tips. Today, we want to talk about some of the most common distractions while on the road. These distractions can be easily avoided but are usually the cause of dangerous accidents.

Drinking Is Not the Only Driving Danger

The most known danger when driving, is driving under the influence. We all know very well that drinking and driving is completely unacceptable. However, the most common reasons for accidents is not always driving while drunk. In fact, what causes more accidents are usually things that most of us tend to do, without giving it much thought. That is why, it is crucial to give more importance to what we do while we are driving.

3 Common Dangerous Driving Distractions

  1. Texting- This is an extremely dangerous and highly common driving distraction. It is one of the most usual causes of car crashes. When texting while driving you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash. If you are going at about 70mph, texting will add 70 feet to the time it takes you to press the brakes. If you were legally drunk and driving at the same speed, it would only add 4 feet, to your brake reaction time.
  2. Eating- Another very common and dangerous distraction is eating while driving. Eating causes you to react too slow, to whatever is on the road. It can reduce your reaction time by as much as 45 percent. Not only does it affect your reaction time, but it also makes you 18% more likely to have very poor lane control.
  3. Other- Other factors that can be distracting while on the road are other passengers that may take away your concentration and other factors such as vehicle problems. The engine light on your dashboard or the gas tank indicator can become very distracting if you are driving. They can demand your attention and become dangerous if you are inclined to look down at the dashboard constantly because of the lights going of, instead of up a the road where your attention is required.

Keep Your Car in Check to Avoid Distractions

Driving may seem like a routinary task, but it requires much more concentration than what you think. That is why, you cannot be worrying about other things such as your car maintenance, or vehicle problems while driving. These are things you must deal with, and prepared for, before you sit behind the wheel.

For the Best Synthetic Oil in Yamhill County, OR

Always be prepared and ready to go. Using the right synthetic oil can help you have, a distraction free drive. Count on all AMSOIL products for your car maintenance needs. For the best synthetic oil in Yamhill County, OR choose AMSOIL oil and start driving with the peace of mind you deserve. Call (503) 371-7184 now, and let us take care of all your car oil needs today.

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