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Here are two names to think about. James Dean. Elvis. With these names in your mind, think about the most iconic outfits they have worn in their movies. 

As cool as they looked, however, it’s always good to remember that they weren’t actually riding a motorbike or in any danger at all. In fact, they were sitting safely on a stationary prop while the wind machines did their best to make either of their hairstyles move!

Stay Protected While You Ride

If this has ruined your Hollywood visage or you just want to know what you need to stay safe while riding your motorbike, below is a great post from Synthetics Northwest which can help.


Easily the most important part of your body, your head needs the most protection in an accident. However, despite this, many riders choose to get on their bike without such protection. Instead of following their lead, look for the following in a helmet:
  • Is it going to stay on if you come off your bike? Make sure it’s just tight enough to fit but not so tight that you don’t want to wear it while you ride
  • If it includes a visor, can you safely see through it?
  • Does it allow you to keep using your Bluetooth headset?
  • If possible, look for one which includes a type of ventilation or way to keep your head cool

Down to Your Jacket

If you had plans of getting on the bike in a denim jacket, then you aren’t going to like this next part. When it comes to a jacket, sadly a denim jacket isn’t going to make the cut. Why? Purely because it isn’t designed to protect you should you come off your bike. Instead, look for the following:
  • Is it made for the purpose of riding a motorcycle? Not a similar task or a job which you are pretty sure is close enough, a motorcycle jacket
  • Be sure that the jacket is made from a high-quality material
  • Ensure the stitching on the jacket is also high-quality to keep the jacket to together during stress
  • Can you comfortably and safely reach your controls?
  • Check that it will protect you from the elements
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Throw Away Those Denim Jeans

Okay, maybe don’t throw them away, but don’t wear them when it comes time to ride your bike. Why? Because as tough as they may appear, if they hit the road at any decent speed, you can get they are going to rip apart without hesitation. Here’s what to look out for:
  • Made from high-quality material like leather
  • The stitching is also high quality to keep the pieces together under stress
  • You can reach your pedals safely and comfortably
  • They have a means to keep you cool and also protect you from the elements
  • They offer storage space for your belongings while you ride

Limited Edition Isn’t Going to Protect Your Feet in an Accident

Nobody will ever tell you that sneakers aren’t one of the most comfortable types of footwear. However, nobody will also tell you that sneakers will protect you in an accident. Why? Because they won’t. Instead, look for the following aspects of a motorcycle boot:
  • Give it a good twist and turn and take note of how pliable the boots are because that’s how they will behave if you come off your bike. Look for boots which will keep your feet safe and secure
  • Ensure you can use your pedals and walk without slipping
  • Will they protect you from the rain?
  • Make sure you get the right size and wear them in. Don’t just get home and say they’re too small or uncomfortable, actually give them a chance

Every Bike Can Benefit from a Synthetic Oil Change in Salem, Or

Of course, it goes without saying, there is no substitute for exercising common sense while you ride. Each time that you get on your bike you have the decision to ride safely or to ride recklessly; be sure to make the correct choice! Of course, when it’s time for your bike maintenance, you only get out what you put in, so make sure it’s the best. Speak with Synthetics Northwest at (503) 371-7184 to find the right product for your engine or to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Salem, OR.

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