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Have you ever driven with your friends on a road trip and enjoyed the entire journey? Your car was very much a contributor. For a successful motorbike road trip, there are a few differences to know. The very first time that a new biker takes their ride out for a road trip, it often doesn’t end very well. Not because of any sort of accident or engine malfunction, but simply because of incorrect planning. While you may be a seasoned road tripper in your car, it’s a little different when it comes to your bike.

Simple Tips for an Enjoyable Motorcycle Road Trip

Synthetics Northwest has a great article below to share with you to help plan for a safe and enjoyable motorcycle road trip.

Can You Really Ride for That Long?

Do you remember the last road trip that you drove? There was music in the car, a perfect temperature coming through the air conditioning vents, you could reach down and take a drink as you drove, passengers were around you keeping your mind occupied and alert, and you could stretch whenever you needed to. It was a great experience! Riding doesn’t have any of those luxuries. None. For this reason, it’s unrealistic to expect that you can ride your bike for the same durations that you would drive. When planning your route, keep in mind that you will need to stop more frequently than you would with a car. Look for public rest stops with places for you to use facilities and stretch your legs. Otherwise, small towns make for great places to stop and refuel (both your bike and your body). While it will mean an increase in your total travel time, it will also mean arriving at your destination in a good mood feeling rested and ready to enjoy. When choosing places to stop, consider that you might also need to check your fluids. Of course, before you leave you should check all levels and make any adjustments necessary. If your engine oil is looking low, consider a full synthetic oil change in Salem, OR using AMSOIL’s 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. Click here to buy the right products for your bike.  Check out the online store or speak with Synthetics Northwest at (503) 371-7184 to learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Salem, OR can help your bike run at its best.

Don't Become a Distracted Driver

It is easy for a motorcycle rider to become distracted during long rides. And when they do they are dangerous to both themselves and other people on the road. And while you can’t just install a sound system on your bike, you don’t have to make the ride alone. Check out your local cell store accessory wall and look for a good quality Bluetooth headset or earpiece. More than just making and receiving calls, look for one that can integrate with the digital assistant on your phone. While riding, this headset will allow you to listen to and control your music, make and receive calls, listen to texts and reply, send an email, add an item to a shopping list, the list goes on! More than that, however, a good quality device will allow you to complete all of these tasks without ever needing to touch a button. As you can imagine, this is a great benefit to a motorcycle rider.

Don't Get Stuck Under a Bridge

When you are driving in a car you can easily continue through heavy storms with winds blowing at you in every direction and the rain falling in the opposite direction without every worrying about your safety or your comfort. On a bike, however, it’s a very different story. You don’t have any type of weather protection apart from what you are wearing. Heavy storms can leave you stuck under a bridge with nothing to do but wait it out. Not an ideal scenario. With this in mind, consider the weather along your planned route and, if rain is predicted, look for comfortable places where you can stop along the way, including letting the weather help you decide on what towns you will stay at for the night during your journey.

Give Your Bike a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Salem, OR

In addition to these three helpful tips, be sure that your bike is in good condition before you leave, including topping up or replacing any low or outdated fluids with high-quality lubricants like AMSOIL’s 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. Take a look through the online store or speak with an expert at Synthetics Northwest by calling (503) 371-7184 to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Salem, OR or what products are best suited to your ride.

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