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When it comes to the performance of general engines, one of the most common problems found is general engine wear and tear caused by a lack of sufficient lubrication. The result and cause of this preventable damage is sludge buildups that have been left to accumulate throughout the engine and...
When it comes to motor enthusiasts, few feelings in the world will match the one when you bring home that classic car. After what has seemed like a lifetime, all of your research and planning has finally worked out. Now that the car is in your possession, you may be wondering how best to take...
Whether you are a car enthusiast who spends most of their free time surrounded by unique cars or working on their own, or you're an everyday car owner and driver who utilizes their car as a main form of transport - taking care of your engine is the best way to not only extend its operation...
If it’s been a long while since you changed the oil in your engine, or if you don’t even remember doing it, then now is the perfect time for a synthetic oil change in Keizer . Motorists looking looking to find some information on the benefits that a synthetic oil change in Keizer can provide,...
At Synthetics Northwest in Yamhill County, OR we are always concerned about your safety and want to constantly provide you with information to help you avoid problems while driving. In a previous post we talked about some Road Safety Tips. Today, we want to talk about some of the most common...
There are many myths out there that talk about synthetic oil with false information. At Synthetics Northwest in Hayesville, OR we want to make sure you get the right information and make informed decisions based on reliable knowledge. In a previous post we mentioned some information about...

Basic Steps for Dirt Bike Maintenance

Keeping your bike regularly maintained isn't a hard task and has great rewards when it comes to the performance and longevity  of your dirt bike. Synthetics Northwest in Keizer, OR has put together some basic tips to keep your dirt bike in good shape, ready...

How Synthetic Oil Can Benefit and Protect Your Engine

If you have noticed a dip in engine performance or an increase in fuel consumption and you are still using a conventional oil, now might be the time to switch. If you're unfamiliar with synthetic oil, Synthetics Northwest has put together a...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...

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