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Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your garden is one of the great activities you can perform over the summer. However, your gardening tools and equipment must be in perfect condition to make this chore easier and more efficient. For this reason at Synthetics Northwest in Salem, OR we...

Safe Driving Tips

We are in the middle of summer and the nice weather is the perfect excuse to go on a road trip. Keep in mind that there are some important details that you shouldn't forget before and during your vacation. For this reason at Synthetics Northwest in Salem we prepared the...

Protecting Your Engine From Ethanol Damage

When it come to engine maintenance and protection, it's important to know what it is you are putting in. In this post, Synthetics Northwest in Salem has some information to share about ethanol, and how to protect your engine against damage.

A Common...


Avoid Sun Damage on Your Vehicle

Going out in the summer sun can be quite uncomfortable and can cause damage to your skin if it's not adequately protected. Your car can suffer from similar exterior damage if it is constantly exposed to the sun without proper protection. Synthetics Northwest in...

Stay Safe While out on Your Boat

The summer provides the perfect weather to take your boat out on the water. No matter your level of experience, taking safety precautions is always of great importance. Before you head out on your boat this summer, Synthetics Northwest in Salem has some important...
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